We are a family of five from North London and in the summer of 2017 we realised, that after reading a book about shapes to our young child of 18 months, we found it boring and somewhat bland. We decided we wanted to make shapes fun and exciting in a way that all children can emotionally connect to.

 We searched the World Wide Web and quickly realised that there was nothing available.

It was then our journey started to create ‘Family Shapes’. At the time we never had a clue how to make a book, how to start, how to find an illustrator, how to publish, how to format a book etc.. By typing in “how to make a children’s book” into You-Tube and Google, we began to learn all the basics, and just over one year later the ‘Family Shapes’ book was published on Amazon which we, as a simple family from Enfield, are very proud of.

The ‘DNA’ of Family Shapes is colour, shapes and a clear educational message in each book which is primarily targeted for children up to 5 years old.

By characterising and giving shapes a personality, we believe it now makes it much easier for children around the world to learn their shapes as they grow to love the characters.

In all our future books other family members (aunties, uncles, cousins, grandad, grandma etc.. ) will be introduced and of course they will be of all different shapes including 3D shapes.

As parents what we find very frustrating is most books fonts are too small to engage our kids. So we decided that all of our books will have large fonts so all our little cherubs will be able to read and recognise the words.

It’s fun, friendly, enjoyable and very different to anything currently available in the world.

Welcome to Family Shapes.

Enjoy and spread the word.


Dedicated to our three children, Weronika, Sophie and Jamie.

© 2018 by Family Shapes