Welcome to Family Shapes 

A unique family where all the family members are all different shapes.

Sally R.png

Mummy Circle

Our own children knew all the five shapes of the family before they were 18 months old so we know this idea works well and can be used In many homes and schools.


Daddy Square

The five main characters are Daddy Square, Mummy Circle and their three children, Daisy Heart, Lucy Oval & Johnny Star.

Lucy Oval

It is a fun way for our youngsters to learn their shapes and an idea which is the first in the world which is very exciting for us.

Family Shaps Johnny Star

Johnny Star

In future books, you will be introduced to other family members who, of course, will be of various shapes.

Daisy Heart

Join us on this fabulous journey as Family Shapes revolutionize the way our children are taught and with each book having a very simple and clear educational message.


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